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Blogging dog products (BDP) was created with the ambition to be an ecosystem for pets and pet parenting.

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We create products tailored to your dog, with high-quality ingredients and formulations. They are tasty and designed with specific health needs in mind.

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We set the standards high and all our products are carefully selected. Blogging dog products (BDP) is your one-stop online pet supply shop to make pet parenting easy for you!

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My Name is Java


My dogs love these! And I love the natural ingredients!!!

I ordered these hemp chews for my 3 dogs as a daily supplement, but I also ended up using them as an aid to ease leg pain when one of my pups got hurt from playing too hard. My 4 month old puppy tweaked his leg and had been limping and I definitely believe the hemp chews helped take pressure off and helped his leg heal (no more limp!!).

J.Marie – Java’s parent

My Name is Bella


She is a small dog so a little happy bark

I decided to give these a try for my old dog who was starting to show signs of arthritis, limping a bit and having a hard time getting going after napping for a while. They are well formed marble-sized nuggets that don’t fall apart and my dog loves the taste so I have no trouble getting her to eat them plain. After using them for several weeks I am starting to notice a different in her mobility- she doesn’t limp as much and seems to have a little more energy and “pep” in her step. Well worth the low price compared to other dog supplements out there!

Robyn – Bella’s parent

My Name is Duke


My dog’s favorite time of day is when he gets his “treats.”

He is a large breed dog, so taking care of his joints are a priority while he’s still young. These supplements are soft and bite sized and my dog is obsessed with them!

Maegan – Duke’s parent

My Name is Kathleen


Black lab happy bark

We have been giving the joint care chews for 2 months now and we have seen a huge difference in his agility! We have a big flight of stairs in the house and he used to go down the stairs very slow but now he seems to not be so cautious and runs up and down them like his hips feel much better. We also noticed he gets up much easier when he is laying on the floor also. He started running around the house again for no reason with his toys which he has not done in a long time!

Riley – Kathleen’s parent

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